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KMCS is delighted to confirm our formal alliance with K2 Rider Hunt for construction projects in the UK.

KMCS in conjunction with K2 Rider Hunt offers a range of Cost Planning and Management services for the construction sector which are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. These include cost planning, strategic project planning and implementation, project management/monitoring, cost control / financial management, procurement advice, project documentation, contract administration and risk management.

Our joint philosophy of guaranteed director level involvement, with key personnel assigned to the project, highly experienced and knowledgeable staff and group backing, ensures the majority of revenue is sourced from repeat clients, underscoring our commitment to delivering a responsive, adaptable and proactive service.

Should you require any advice in respect of construction projects in the UK, Brexit or similar, please contact any of the following:

Nigel Spence                   KMCS                nigelspence@kmcs.ie
Fiona Mullally KMCS fionamullally@kmcs.ie
Alan Bertram K2 bertram@k2riderhunt.com