Dublin Docklands Regatta

The 4th Annual Dublin Docklands Regatta took place on Friday 14th of June at Hanover Quay. KMCS were delighted to have two teams participating in this corporate day out. The eager rowers representing KMCS on the day were Orla McGuirk, Miriam Ryan, Adrian Fennell and Daniel Kelly in KMCS Boat One and Martin Cummins, Edel Farrelly, Derek Mulholland and Colum Mulhall in KMCS Boat Two.

The event was held over the entire day, with both KMCS teams taking part in a morning training session to get familiar with their teammates, well let’s just say not so great rowing skills. This brought about great fun within the group as it was quickly realised, both teams had a lack of coordination and timing. With the competitive edge high in both teams, these minor details were quickly ironed out.

Crew Class | 4th Annual Dublin Docklands Regatta

After a short break and quickly picking up all the new rowing jargon, both crews refuelled and psyched themselves up for the big race to kick off. Each heat was contested by 6 teams over a 250m race length.

Up first was KMCS Team 1 and after an exhilarating start it was a 3rd place finish in their first heat. This was also followed by a 3rd place finish again in their second heat. Both races had been closely contested. However, unfortunately it was not enough to qualify Team 1 for the semi-finals.

For KMCS Team 2, they met a similar faith, finishing 3rd in both heats but just narrowly missing out on 2nd place in their second heat by only seconds. Carlow native in Boat Two Martin Cummins was convinced they had secured second place, but after deliberation with race officials their faith was sealed, and they had to come to terms with just missing out on the semi-finals like KMCS Team 1.

Crew Class | 4th Annual Dublin Docklands Regatta

The drama was intense, and each crew had so much fun. They say rowing is the ultimate team sport and it is hard to dispute this statement as despite all the joking and fun in their respective training sessions both teams showed great determination in each heat to be successful. Each crew had to be focused, relay orders from their coxswain (the person in charge of a boat) and work as a team to get the timing of oars to equally distribute force for speed. This makes you appreciate the skill involved in the sport and KMCS will hopefully be back again.

We would like to say a big Thank You to Niall O’Toole and his Crew Class team for holding such a great event which is in support of the Irish Haemochromatosis association and Crossing the Line sports.

Crew Class | 4th Annual Dublin Docklands RegattaCrew Class | 4th Annual Dublin Docklands Regatta

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